Collector's Set (Issues 001, 002, and 003)

The Whitney Review Collectors' Set (ISSUES 001, 002, 003)

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OWN THE COMPLETE SET! Our debut issue is sold out except for these RARE remaining copies. The collector's set includes ISSUE 001, ISSUE 002, and ISSUE 003. Since its launch in June 2023, The Whitney Review of New Writing has established itself in only three issues as a generational shift and taste-making force in literary criticism.

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The complete collectors' set: ISSUE 001 (Spring/Summer 2023), ISSUE 002 (Winter 2023/2024), and ISSUE 003 (Spring/Summer 2024). Each issue contains original reviews, essays, and interviews. The bundle spans interviews with Brontez Purnell, Samuel R. Delany, McKenzie Wark, Mary Gaitskill, Dennis Cooper, Pamela Sneed, Michelle Tea, and many more; reviews of books as well as writing as it circulates on T-shirts, restaurant menus, fragrance review websites, etc; essays on RuPaul's new memoir and Y2k celebrity novels as well as literary crime fiction and Judith Butler's latest investigation into gender, phantasy, and fear; poetry by Alicia Novella Vasquez, Cristine Brache, and Tiana Reid. Contributors include A. S. Hamrah, Johanna Fateman, Alissa Bennett, Steven Phillips-Horst, Brock Colyar, Amber Later, Bruce Benderson, Liara Roux, Michael Bullock, and many more.

Founding editor Whitney Mallett. Art direction Immanuel Yang.

CategoryCulture, Art, Publishing
Release Date7 May 2024