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The Whitney Review (ISSUE 002)

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The second issue of The Whitney Review of New Writing (Winter 2023/2024) is about DESPERATION, EXCESS, ROMANCE, and GRIEF. Collecting original essays, interviews, and book reviews (as well as more offbeat reviews of writing in other forms like a restaurant menu), The Whitney Review offers a generational shift in literary criticism.

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The second issue of The Whitney Review of New Writing collects original author interviews, book reviews, and essays.

FEATURE INTERVIEWS: McKenzie Wark X Journey Streams Michelle Tea X Casey Jane Ellison Travis Jeppesen X Slava Mogutin

ESSAYS: Em Brill, David Fishkind, and Steven Phillips-Horst

SPECIAL: Amalia Ulman on Natasha Stagg's Artless

REVIEWS: by A. S. Hamrah, Diamond Stingily, Drew Zeiba, Johanna Fateman, Maya Martinez, Geoffrey Mak, Rachel Oyster Kim, Lily Marotta, Paul Kopkau, Justin Moran, John Belknap, Phillipa Snow, Colleen Kelsey, Tamara Faith Berger, Kawai Shen, Vivien Lee, Nate Lippens, Haley Mlotek, Alissa Bennet, Esra Soraya Padgett, T. Amolo Ochieng' Nyong'o, Max Steele, Naben Ruthnum, and more.

Founding editor Whitney Mallett. Art direction Immanuel Yang.

CategoryArt, Culture, Publishing
Release Date7 May 2024